Hi! I’m Ben, or CMNatic. Being 19 years old and a former junior-sysadmin & helpdesk techie, I left to specialize and obtain an Honors Degree into an ever-expanding, vast and technical role within IT – namely security, of which I am in my second year of studies.

With an aptitude to tinkering (mostly because I broke the thing in the first place!), this blog is to formalize a small cohort of various projects that I think are good ideas and realistic to implement. to only find out the opposite. I find a way to squeeze them into the confines of both my budget (student life!) and knowledge (…student life)

There’s more to you then a terminal, right…?

Right! Although admittedly, not too much more. Outside of my studies, I’m a volunteer First Aider, covering all kinds of events from sports fixtures, charity fundraisers or private / corporate events across the UK. And when I’m not volunteering at one, you can definitely catch me as a punter at a Music Festival, I’ve got a few appearances (albeit not my finest hours) on ITV and BBC under my belt.

With a music taste that’s broader then … a broad ship, I work for a security agency (glorified bouncer) for nationwide Horse racecourses. That work usually keeps the AWS credits a-float!

What can I expect to find here as a reader?

Hopefully something useful! If not at the very least, a developed interest in a slightly-obscure topic within IT. I don’t like to make it easy for myself, and I hope the projects and ventures posted on here prove just as such!

But for realsies…here’s a list of things I’m currently pursuing interest in (with no particular order):

  • Deep/Machine Learning (AI)
  • Cloud Services such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Scaleway
  • Malware Analysis
  • Self-hosting Applications
  • Developing my professional porfolio via this blog and my GitHub!