Decided I’d wipe my 52-repository strong Github and start a-fresh (Oh I still have them don’t worry)

But for archival and portfolio development, here’s the repository of my C++ GUI Calculator made with Windows Forms.

The above GIF demonstrates the GUI storing and displaying previous input to a User (could be considered History, although It was of my intention to develop a proper-implementation of the History feature, such as in Windows Calculator, where any previous sum made within the session would also be displayed.

Windows 10 Calculator - History Function

Github Repository


Fork, Star-alike. Issue submissions and commits will not be considered, as this is for purely archival purposes. To Summarise the GitHub ReadMe, Virustotal reports are relased for the binaries. The solution is implemented at Users own competency.



VirusTotal Scans of Executables


SHA-256 b7e4ef1ff6709b2bb41e5863fc9b4473c977721d941349668ba2168254caaf35


SHA-256 4F2DF603C19E3884197AEF89EB4888583E7F35D7F1FE5812E17751D33CDAA0ED