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The following repo is a personal project, revision tool, as well as a proposed service for University of Gloucestershire Comp Sci students. The front-end is from the CTFd platform, however the back-end is entirely implemented with Docker, for ultimate scalability and portability.

I started this because running a CTF in the Cloud is super expensive (atleast with my budgeting), where you’d have to deploy multiple instances e.g. EC2 on AWS for a some-what feasible CTF. This is designed to be able to run off of one/two machines, but still retain the attractiveness of Users logging into shells.

~CMNatic https://blog.cmnatic.co.uk

Types of Containers

Can be found on my DockerHub Profile

Current Features

Dynamic-Docker Challenges can be deloyed at the click of a button by the User to solve the challenge. All in-house Docker images

Challenge Types


Literally everything else


All Docker deployable, at the moment, its a bit of a pain - but an easier way will be produced eventually

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